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Kiwi diet

kiwi-julia-dietsThe main advantage of the kiwi fruit is a high content of vitamin C. This quality helps to fight infections, colds, malicious viruses and raise immunity. Kiwi is a delicious and nutritious fruit, which helps not only to satisfy hunger, but also to burn extra calories. Choose kiwi fruit for breakfast or a snack between meals. It will come in handy during the working day. Kiwi strengthens the nervous system; it helps to combat irritability and nervousness, gives cheerfulness and gives a good mood!

Furthermore, kiwi comprises mass of enzymes that promote fat burning and the formation of collagen. If you want to lose weight using this fruit, it will be helpful to eat 1-2 kiwi fruit before each meal. It will be most useful to use it in its natural form.

Also, it is helpful to do the fasting day using kiwi. For this purpose you need 1 kg of kiwi a day and nothing else. In addition to the effect of lowering excess weight, this diet will positively impact your health, since it is proved that kiwi is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Regularly eating kiwi helps the body to get rid of toxins, unwanted cholesterol, normalizes the functioning of your intestines. Kiwi prevents the formation of kidney stones and increases hemoglobin. In addition, regular consumption of this delicious fruit has antitumor and antioxidant action.

There are many diets based on fruits, kiwi fruit is no exception. This diet is designed for one week and helps to lose 3 to 4.5 kg. Don’t forget that for every diet you should choose only ripe and not spoiled products. It is also important to drink fresh juice or cocktail immediately after preparation.

Breakfast – mix 2 tablespoons of grown wheat with 4 tablespoons of oatmeal and chopped fruits: kiwi, grapefruit and green apple. Fill all with the low-fat kefir or yogurt.

Snack – whip peeled kiwi in a blender, a little of lemon juice, mint leaves and kefir.

Lunch – semolina porridge cooked on skim milk without sugar. You are allowed to add a little honey and fruit if you want.

Dinner – low-fat cottage cheese whipped with kiwi and cocktail of the same fruit.

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