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Kefir with cinnamon

Kefir with cinnamonKefir with cinnamon is an excellent fat burning drink. It includes the low-fat kefir, cinnamon, ginger, red hot peppers. Each of these components contributes to weight loss if you eat them separately, imagine what effect they will give together! It is no secret that kefir is a nutritious product that has beneficial effects on the intestinal function and the digestive tract. Any spices are also useful in the case of excess weight – they intensify the metabolism, helping to break down the fatty tissue. Kefir with cinnamon helps to reduce appetite, so you feel saturated for a long time. The drink also has a cleansing effect on the organism. Thus, it is useful both for the figure and for the overall health.

To prepare this magical cocktail you will need:

– 200-250 ml of low-fat kefir

– A pinch of ground red pepper

– Ground ginger and cinnamon (half a teaspoon of each spice)

You should mix all these ingredients and drink. It is recommended to drink such a beverage before going to bed – the degree of impact on the body is significantly increased at this particular time.

The recipe can vary depending on your preference. If the beverage seems too acute for you, the amount of hot peppers can be reduced, at the same time, you can increase the weight fraction of cinnamon up to 1-2 teaspoons. If desired, kefir and cinnamon can be whipped in a blender – the drink saturated with air is easier to digest.

Another piece of advice. If you want to lose weight, but can not live without sweets, eat a mixture of honey and cinnamon instead of the usual chocolates and pastries. You can make sandwiches from low calorie cereal bread with honey and cinnamon. This combination will eliminate the excess weight in a few months!

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