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Importance of vitamins. Food list


Sufficient and constant supply of vitamins ingested with food is extremely important. Vitamins are substances related to the indispensable factors of human nutrition, and are essential for life of the organism. They are required for hormonal and enzymatic systems as well as for the regulation of metabolism, making the human body healthy, vigorous and beautiful.

We often mention about vitamins in the dietary nutrition, because they help to compensate the lack of nutrients during the process of slimming. Let us remember what exactly vitamins are needed and what for, in order to adjust our nutrition regardless of the dietary program.

Vitamin B12

needed for: normal weight, strong immune system, good memory, healthy gut

contained in: soy, hops, spinach, laminaria, salad, oysters, fish, milk, cheese, egg yolk

destroyed by: long-term exposure of light, long heating

daily rate: 2-5 mg (100 grams of salmon)

Vitamin B6

needed for: youth of the body, strong nervous system, vascular health

contained in: cereals, germinated wheat grains, lettuce, cabbage, bananas, walnuts, wheat brans, salmon, meat

destroyed by: long-term exposure of light

daily rate: 1.6-2 mg (300 gram of beef)

Vitamin B5

needed for: good memory, good mood, quick recovery after diseases, vascular health, normal heart function

contained in: chicken meat, egg yolk, dairy products, caviar, legumes, nuts, yeast, oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, broccoli

destroyed by: repeated freeze-thaw

daily rate: 5 mg (100 grams of pork liver)

Vitamin В2

needed for: cell regeneration, visual acuity, normal operation of muscles

contained in: milk, almonds, eggs, mushrooms, buckwheat, cottage cheese, yeast, meat

destroyed by: prolonged exposure of light

daily rate: 1,3-3 mg (2 chicken eggs)

Vitamin В1

needed for: brain activity, good digestion, normal operation of muscles, heart health, healthy sleep

contained in: brewer’s yeast, pork, nuts, oats, buckwheat, beans, wheat germs

destroyed by: long cooking, salting when cooking, combination with coffee

daily rate: 1,3-2,6 mg (1 pork chop)

Vitamin E

needed for: youth of the body, normal operation of the reproductive system, good mood, protection from external factors

contained in: sunflower oil, corn oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, butter, nuts, meat, dairy products, liver

destroyed by: long-term storing

daily rate: 30-50 mg (1 tablespoon of unrefined oil)

Vitamin K

needed for: acceleration of wound healing, normal blood clotting, required amount of prothrombin in blood

contained in: spinach, nettle, rose hips, cabbage, cauliflower, red cabbage, laminaria, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, green tea

destroyed by: long exposure of the sun, long cooking

daily rate: 1-2 mg (2 tablespoons of parsley)

Vitamin A

needed for: youth of skin , health and beauty of hair, health of nails, strength of bones, visual acuity

contained in: carrots, citrus fruit, hard kinds of cheese, cottage cheese, milk, eggs, liver, fish, parsley, spinach

destroyed by: high temperatures, long-term storage

daily rate: 0.4-1 mg (100 grams of beef liver pâté)

Vitamin D

needed for: healthy bones, normal blood clotting, resistance to colds, removal of toxins, good mood, vascular and heart health

contained in: cheese, cottage cheese, butter, egg yolk, fish, seafood, potatoes, beef, vegetable oil

destroyed by: exposure of light and direct exposure of oxygen from the air

daily rate: 2-5 mg (2 chicken eggs)

Vitamin С

needed for: smoothness of the skin, strong immune system, healthy hair and teeth, good mood

contained in: citrus fruits, red fruits, kiwi, sea buckthorn, dill, rose hips, cauliflower, green peas, beans, radish, asparagus

destroyed by: cooking

daily rate: 70 mg (half an orange)

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