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How to suppress your appetite naturally

curb appetite

It’s so hard to suppress appetite, especially when the alluring aroma of freshly cooked meals invites us to the kitchen. There are two reasons for indefatigable hunger: active work during the day without a possibility to have a meal, or a pathological craving for food without reason. If in a serious case of overeating you still need to see a doctor, then on a simpler level, you can solve this problem on your own.

There are different ways to satisfy the hunger or deceive your stomach. For example, in the forests of India, there is a plant which is called Kaliri Kanda, in the vernacular “to fool the stomach”. Having eaten 1-2 leaves of this plant, one feels satiety throughout the whole week!

Also, these things can be found in a more accessible variant – in the form of pills. For example, nutritional supplements Garcinia Cambogia perfectly help to fight the appetite, and in addition, with a dozen additional properties, the drug promotes weight loss.

But we can also consider some other ways that are able to solve our problem – useful tips of nutrition. So, if you want to deaden slightly your appetite, there is the most probable solution – you need to reduce the size of the consumed meals by half, until the stomach is reduced, and then maintain it in normal condition. If you reduce the size of the stomach, you eat less food in future, respectively.

The next point – the choice of products. Some foods can be maddening only due to their fragrance! If you are aiming for weight loss or simply for a normal nutrition, you should limit the use of certain products, until you enter into the mode of healthy eating.

Products that cause appetite

– alcohol

Any alcohol causes a voracious appetite, especially beer, champagne and cocktails;

– garlic

For me, the smell of garlic coming from the oven, evokes a feeling of celebration. But other than that, it is a premonition of a delicious meal – most of us just want quickly to eat all that smell so good!

– fresh pastries

The aroma of freshly baked buns appears and you go to the nearest store or cafe to try them! And there are no forces to fight this desire;

snacks: chips, salted crackers and other “promotional joy”

This is a very high-calorie food, and in addition, it stirs up the appetite;

carbonated drinks

These drinks not a bit can quench thirst, as they contain a lot of sugar, and you want to drink more and more, again and again! Moreover, they cause cellulite and strong feeling of hunger;

mayonnaise, ketchup and all kinds of sauces

These delicious, but dangerous friends just make us eat twice more food than we would eat without them;

pickles: salted cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut

Remember how these thing affect us, they are as much tasty and as a wish to eat more and more.

curb appetite

So, we have eliminated the hazardous products, what should we do next?

Several rules:

Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as much as you can drink. Drink a glass of water before a meal.

Eat only hot meals because they cause saturation effect much faster than cold appetizers.

Check your organism for the presence of all the necessary vitamins and elements. Sometimes a strong appetite is a sign of deficiency in chromium. Then you just need to include into the daily ration: beef liver, tomatoes (tomato juice), pearl barley.

Traditionally a glass of kefir before bedtime helps to calm the appetite (the kefir should be room temperature).

If your appetite is very strong, try to nibble croutons. They say that Coco Chanel had a habit to always carry a small bag of croutons and when the appetite prevailed over her, she took out a couple of rusks and ate with enjoyment. The rusks should be homemade, from black (gray) bread without salt and spices.

If you have tried all the tips, and nothing works for you, the last way – apples! Of course, you should choose unsweetened varieties. So, drink a glass of water before a meal, eat a reduced portion instead of your usual one, and then eat an apple. You can eat apples at the first feeling of hunger. However, it causes a new problem – you start seeing apples in your dream!

And the last piece of advice, which I want to share with you, it is a hot bath with aromatic oils. It not only helps to relax, but also to suppress an acute feeling of hunger. But make a really hot bath!

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