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How to strengthen the blood vessels

blood-vesselsThe blood supply is responsible for the human health and vitality in general. A balanced nutrition can help to maintain our health. If you eat the correct foods regularly, you can strengthen the blood vessels. Fatty sauces, fatty fried meat, alcohol and other harmful products worsen a condition of our vessels. But it’s not necessary to refuse from all, it is important to know how to replace these products.

A dietary meat of turkey or chicken breast is much more useful for the organism than pork or fatty poultry. It is even better to replace meat with fish. Marine fish of fatty varieties such as salmon or mackerel should be a part of our menu at least once a week. In other days it is recommended to choose less fatty fish like hake, tilapia or pollock. This fish is also beneficial to the body and delivers omega-3 fatty acids that help to preserve youthfulness of tissues.

Pasta and potatoes are better to be replaced by cereals and legumes. They contain  protein that supports the structure of tissues in good shape. Nuts and seeds  are endowed with the same beneficial properties.

Vitamin P is especially useful for the walls of blood vessels and it is necessary to use it in combination with vitamin C. These products include currants, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, green sorrel, parsley, dill, lettuce, onions, garlic, cabbages and carrots.

Proper drinking also contributes to the good work of the vessels. It is recommended to drink green tea and hips decoction, which is incredibly useful for the whole organism.

You also shouldn’t abuse smoked, semi-finished and fried foods. Cooking food in a steamer would be more useful, and even if you add any spices or sauces into the finished dish, the organism will perceive it with much more gratitude, than the fried in oil food.

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