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How to start eating properly

How to start eating properly

Proper nutrition is like a barrier through which is sometimes difficult to pass. To make it easier, try to follow a certain system, and gradually accustom yourself to the new rhythm of life. Scheme of classic proper nutrition will prompt when and what you should eat during the day.

Thus, we need to eat five times a day. Breakfast should include complex carbohydrates and/or proteins. These products include oatmeal, muesli without sugar, berries or nuts, fruit smoothies, omelet, etc. If you like sweets, it is recommended to eat such meals for breakfast and until noon.

The first snack depends on the quality of breakfast. For this purpose, you can choose a handful of nuts, any fruit, some dried fruit, whole-grain bread with curd cheese, etc.

Lunch is time of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Your menu can be composed from buckwheat with baked chicken and a light vegetable salad.

The second snack should include preferably protein or a little of slow carbohydrates. Important to monitor amount of the used products, do not let the snack be the same as the main meal.

Eat protein and fiber for dinner. You can cook chicken, meat, beans, eggs, cottage cheese and salad.

Next, I want to offer a few simple rules to facilitate the transition to proper nutrition.

Make a shopping list. In order to prevent buying unplanned harmful products make a shopping list in advance. This list should necessarily include poultry, fruits and vegetables, herbs, cottage cheese, whole wheat bread and eggs. It should be lots of greenery to get a whole plate of different types of green salad. You will definitely feel the charge of vivacity and freshness.

Don’t go to restaurants and shops when you’re hungry. When we are hungry, we are ready to buy up all the shelves in the store. So we obtain an overeating and unwanted weight. We should always stick to the list. This will save our money and figure.

Replace preserves by frozen foods. The amount of salt and preservatives in canned foods are not good for the organism. Being in the store don’t rush to take the crunchy pickles or canned pineapple, it would be better to choose a pack of frozen green beans and mixture of vegetables. Modern freezing preserves the vitamins of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, forget about semi-finished products and other prepared foods.

Exclude white bread. If you find it difficult to live without it, try to replace it with whole wheat bread, unleavened pita or other lightweight options.

Use natural sugar. If you can not imagine life without sweets, use honey and fruit. They can replace candies and white sugar, which is especially harmful for us.

Try to abandon food street. However, if it is inevitable, as gatherings with friends are sacred, try not to eat at the cafes more often than once in 2 weeks.

It is very difficult to give up of harmful food at once. Of course you will not eat carrots with beer. Just start to reduce the dose gradually, take a small packet of chips instead of a large one.

Let healthy food be in sight. Keep fresh fruit on the table. A beautiful vase or basket of fruit will add freshness to your design, and you will want to eat a juicy apple faster when it is close at hand.

And of course, the most famous and important item, drink more water. The organism must receive the right amount of pure liquid.

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