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How to refuse sweet

How to refuse sweetIn fact, our organism doesn’t need sugar – cakes, chocolate, sweets – all this is just an emotional pleasure that lasts not long. But remember how difficult it is to get rid of the consequences.

If you find it difficult to get rid of the habit of snacking by chocolate or bun, here are some useful tips.

– Remember that the confectionery has no value for health but only extra kilos.

– “Sweet Tooth” is a state of mind. Love for sweet is embedded in the subconscious, thus we change our emotional state, relieve stress, but this is a false impression, self-hypnosis.

– Don’t keep candies in sight – don’t create temptations around you, don’t buy chocolate, cakes, pastry and other goodies.

– Avoid hunger. When we want to eat, we are looking for an easy way of saturation – candy in a bag, patty in the store along the way.

– It is recommended to consume complex carbohydrates, which normalize the blood sugar level. You should eat buckwheat, oat and rice porridge; apples, pears, nuts, dried fruit. If you are unable to eat on schedule, carry in your bag a pack with nuts, carrots and other fruits to make a snack useful.

– Don’t torture yourself if you want something tasty without offering an alternative to the body.

– You shouldn’t replace the glucose by fructose.

– When you want sweets, drink a glass of water with ice and lemon.

– At such moments it is very important to be distracted, to transfer attention to something else – take some time for yourself, make a face mask, a new manicure, go for a walk. In addition, try to involve your relatives and friends, support of your loved ones will help you.

After 2 weeks you will experience a positive outcome. Good luck!

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