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How to normalize metabolism

How to normalize metabolism1
There is a whole rating of products to improve metabolism and many recipes for its normalization. Among them, I want to highlight a few effective recipes. The very first thing is such a wonderful drink as low-fat kefir. In order to strengthen the effect of this sour milk product it is recommended to add some spice into it: red pepper (powder), ginger or cinnamon (a half teaspoon). It is recommended to use such a drink for the fasting days. It is excellent in burning extra fat and also reduces hunger.

For the next recipe you will need to prepare more seriously. Take such ingredients: 10-12 leaves of peppermint, one fresh cucumber, one large lemon, a teaspoon of ginger root and eight full glasses of water (about two liters). All the ingredients should be mixed in a blender. Then, leave a drink for night on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. You should drink the beverage during the day for half a glass.

How to normalize metabolism

For the next recipe you will need ginger again, which is so useful for the normalization of metabolic processes. So, you need to clear a small piece of ginger root, grate it on a small grater and pour it with hot purified water. Put the mixture on the low heat and boil this infusion for fifteen minutes. Then add liquid honey and fresh lemon juice into the beverage. Further, the drink should be infused under the lid for half an hour, then strain it and drink instead of water throughout the day.

I want to offer you another effectual recipe. Take two teaspoons of high-quality green tea and brew with two cups of hot purified water. This tea must infuse for five – seven minutes. Then, take our indispensable ginger root, chop on a fine grater, take 30-35 grams and add it along with two cardamom pods. A couple of umbrellas of cloves and a little cinnamon will give the drink a pleasant aroma and contribute to the healthy composition of the beverage. Bring to a boil this mixture. Then, add a spoonful of liquid honey and leave the broth to infuse. Strain the infusion and drink four – five times a day for half a glass throughout the day.

How to normalize metabolism3

For the following recipe, prepare the rowan berries and nettles. The essence is in the following. You need to mix seven parts of well dried rowan berries with three parts of dioica nettle (you can use both fresh and dried plant). Then, pour the prepared mixture with two full cups of boiling purified water, and then boil it on a steam bath for at least ten minutes. After that, remove the pan from the heat, cover it with a lid and leave in a warm place for three – four hours. Strain it through two layers of clean cheesecloth and take half a glass every four hours throughout the day.

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