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How to lose weight while sleeping

How to lose weight while sleeping

Any girl who wants to lose weight wants to do it without any effort. Or, at least, with a minimum of effort. The idea to lose a few kilos of excess weight, while not particularly restrict your diet and not to sweat in the gym, haunts many people. And what if you can lose weight even in sleep? Don’t you believe?

In fact, this is not a fiction and not an empty dream. If your goal is to lose weight easily, without harm to health and for the benefit of your beauty, every time before going to sleep try to perform some useful actions.

Do not deprive yourself of a snack before bedtime

It is believed that dinner after 18.00 is very harmful, and brings only fat deposits. However, this is not entirely true. First of all, the assertion “not to eat after 18 pm” is erroneous, if you go to bed later than 21.00. In other words, you are allowed to eat three-four hours before sleep. But what if you really want to eat right before bedtime? There is a solution.

According to a special research conducted at the University of Florida, the perfect snack before bedtime, which helps in burning calories, is a protein shake. The amazing result was observed by bodybuilders, for which the protein is the basis of sports nutrition. Nutritionists also advise everyone, who wants to lose weight, to include into the daily ration the cocktail containing protein.

Such a drink eliminates the feeling of hunger and does not add calories; removes extra weight and keeps muscles toned; excess weight disappears due to burning fat; speeds up the metabolism, stimulates the body to burn fat cells faster.

There are different recipes, I propose the following. It is simple to make it at home.

tangerines – 2 pieces;

kefir (1%) – 2 tablespoons;

milk (regular or from soy) – 1 glass;

flaxseeds – 1 teaspoon.

Whisk all ingredients in a blender.

At rest, when your body is relaxed at night, the proteins strengthen your muscles. The more muscle mass, the more calories are burned during sleep.

Sleep in complete darkness

If your bedroom windows face the highly illuminated street or road, it is recommended to close the window with blackout curtains. Do not go to sleep when your TV or computer is on. If you are using luminous alarm clock, fold it back from your bed. Why should you do so? The fact is that total darkness stimulates the body to work out the hormone melatonin, which is also called a hormone of sleep. It facilitates the process of falling asleep and burning calories more efficiently.

Lower the temperature in the bedroom

A cool mode in the bedroom is also one of the assistants for growing thin at night. According to the research, which was conducted by the dieticians, it was found that the body of people having a rest in the rooms with a low temperature conditions (about 18-20 C) burns fat by 7% more than those who slept in a warm bedroom. In addition, it provides a strong, healthy sleep and vigorous state in the morning.

Take time for a full sleep

One needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep for health, energy, cheerfulness and beauty. Nutrition experts have assured that exactly the well-rested body is able to burn calories actively throughout the day. Lack of sleep makes fat cells less sensitive to insulin, which subsequently leads to obesity.

Avoid quarrels before bedtime

When your body is tense and excited before bedtime, there is an increased level of the hormone cortisol – the so called stress hormone. It affects our metabolism in not the best way, and prevents fat burning. If your goal is to lose weight, always go to bed avoiding quarrels and conflicts in order to accelerate the process of losing weight. Before going to bed take a walk or take a relaxed pose “Shavasana” (corpse pose), try to meditate, listen to pleasant and relaxing music.

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