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How to lose weight before the holiday

How to lose weight before the holidayNo matter what calendar you use for celebrating New Year’s Eve, we are always caught unawares. But still, we will find time to get good shape! All of these tips are not new, but if are full of hopes to change your figure in these few days before holidays, it’s time to follow these simple advice.

Adhering to the rules of this express diet you can quickly lose a few extra kilos. If you still think you need to starve for this purpose, you’re wrong. It is important to always be well-fed! You should definitely add slow carbohydrates into your ration. Such foods include whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits that are rich in dietary fiber. It is recommended to eat 5 times a day – this is the optimal number of meals for the followers of special diets.

The next item – the most well-known rule – drink plenty of fluids. The desirable norm is one glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach, one in the evening before going to bed, and one glass 20 minutes before each meal.

Of course, the diet involves some restrictions. The prohibited products include: all kinds of breads and pastries; fats: fatty meats, butter, cream and ice cream; such sweets as candies, cakes and all that comprises refined sugar; honey should also be excluded; potatoes in any form of cooking; polished rice.

The following list includes the necessary foods which should be definitely added into the ration: laminaria, sea fish, broccoli, unpolished rice, white cabbage, carrots, green beans, vegetable salads with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Do not forget about physical activity. It is an important rule of any diet, if we want to be in tone and have a beautiful shape. Replace the next session of the TV show by a walk in the park. This will help you not only to be in good physical shape but also to maintain your psycho-emotional balance, which is very important for successful weight loss.

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