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How to lose weight after the holidays

How to lose weight after the holidays

After each grandiose holiday involving rich feast – with a lot of not healthy dishes, alcohol and soda water – we stumble upon a question – how should I lose weight now? The promise to refrain from the impulse to eat all the delicious that is in front of our eyes on the holiday table turns against us – who can resist the temptation? Do not be upset to discover extra weight, this is easily remedied!

However, do not expect that you can get back in shape in one day. To unload and cleanse the body after the long New Year’s holidays, you will need some time. Therefore, please be patient and find effort. So, the solution is quite logical and natural. You need to reconsider your ration and add physical activity. You can also resort to express diets. One of them is a water diet.

Fundamentals of water diet

This is kind of the express diet, which is designed for 3 days.

 Day 1 – preparatory day. Avoid the use of fats and proteins, as well as cereals. Drink herbal tea, fresh fruit juice, drink plenty of water. Also you should eat fruits, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables and nuts.

Day 2 – water day. On this day, you need to drink only water. Approximately 3.4 liters every 40 minutes. You can also twice a day to drink warm water with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.

Day 3 – the final day. In the morning it is recommended to drink herbal tea, during the day give preference to fresh carrots, cabbage salad. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

How to lose weight after the holidays

There are also several options of fasting days

Oatmeal. It will help to clean the intestines well. Also, this porridge helps to bind cholesterol, so you are free not to abandon eggs and cheese which are rich in cholesterol. After the feast it is important to fully spend one day on oatmeal. Despite the fact that it is rich in calories, it is worth it for the sake of bowel cleansing. While adjusting the functioning of the organism, we still help it to get rid of all excess. Do not forget that the porridge should be used only in cooked form. In general, remember that eating uncooked cereal porridge is very harmful to the intestines. It can cause intestinal disorder and flatulence.

Beet. This is one of the best products for the fasting day. Although, you should not eat only beet all day, as it has a laxative effect. You can simply add it to your ration for a few days. You can try to put the emphasis on vegetable salads, where beet is the main ingredient. And you will see the result.

Apples and cucumbers. Apples are probably the most popular fruit in the fight against excess weight, and as for cucumbers – it is as follows. After a week-long celebration with an abundance of fatty foods on the table, the acid-alkaline balance may shift to the acid side. And this balance is necessary to be renewed. And there is no better way than using cucumbers. Since they have a large amount of alkali valences among all available vegetables and fruits.

We all need that moment of transfer to the mode of more quiet working days when the portion of meal is smaller and the waist is narrower. But! It is important to remember that an abrupt transition to the light eating is impossible. This can be stressful for the organism that may lead to rapid weight gain. By the time of start of the fasting day it is also necessary to prepare your organism: cease to use sweet, fatty and salty, and the next day, move on to the express diets. Do not use chemical agents, which can only exacerbate the situation. And one more thing – try to avoid the post-holiday stress.

Good luck!

How to lose weight after the holidays

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