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How to fight cellulite

How to fight celluliteCellulite is the most hated women problem. There are plenty of cosmetic and operational methods of getting rid of such an unpleasant orange skin. But this is of little help if you don’t play sports and don’t stick to a special diet. To improve and maintain the result, you need to start drinking more water, cook the vegetables, meat, fish steamed, reduce consumption of fast carbohydrates and salts. But the most important thing – to include anti-cellulite ingredients into the nutrition plan.

Let us consider such products closer. Laminaria is one of them. It is known that seaweed contains iodine. It reduces the puffiness caused by the decrease of thyroid function, and more than 40 minerals and vitamins nourish the skin from within, eliminating dryness. But don’t get involved in laminaria. It doesn’t mean eating salads every day from seaweed. The salt contained in it can increase hydrophilicity of tissues and cause swelling amplification. Take dry laminaria or nori leaves, chop and add the powder in soups and salads instead of the usual salt. This will help to restore mineral balance and eliminate swelling.

Rye bread is also able to have a positive effect. Vegetable fibers of 2 slices of bread, meal satisfy the daily needs of the organism in cellular tissue for 25%. Rye flour is rich in B vitamins that nourish dry skin. It absorbs toxins, removes them from the body and improves the condition of the epidermis.

The next product from our list – veal. Young beef is a source of moderate amounts of saturated fats and amino acids. This is necessary for the body to supply the cells. It is important for fat metabolism, the synthesis of collagen and elastin production. Iron increases the level of hemoglobin, which provides cells with oxygen.

Green tea is also able to fight cellulite. It is known for its diuretic effect, so tea quickly relieves cellulite cells from excess moisture. Furthermore, green tea contains vitamin C and its content exceeds lemon. Due to this, it restores the water-salt exchange.

By the way, citrus fruits also help to combat this problem. Also, thanks to high content of vitamin C. It plays an important role in the formation of collagen in our body. It is very important for smooth and supple skin.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids can restore skin elasticity. Products containing such substances moisturize the skin; guide the fluid into the cells of the dermis, avoiding cellulite seals, preventing the development of edema. In addition, these acids improve mood. These products include – fatty fish: salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, herring.

Such a delicious drink as cocoa is also able to help us. Cocoa beans – a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Without raising the pressure they charge with vivacity and prevent the development of incipient depressions. It is recommended to eat 3-5 squares of quality dark chocolate or drink a cup of cocoa. This will prevent the stress and therefore, cellulite.

The following ingredients of our menu – nuts and seeds. Potassium, which is contained therein, prevents fluid retention. In addition, they contain unsaturated fatty acids needed for cell activity. Raw seeds should be soaked before use. When they are fed with moisture, they accumulate the maximum amount of nutrients. Roasted and salted seeds can’t help, and cellulite won’t disappear.

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