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Honey instead of sugar

Honey instead of sugarProperties of honey are well known. It has antibacterial, immunomodulatory, antiviral, antioxidant and other properties useful for the human body. Honey has always been associated with health. And what do we know about sugar? In connection with the damage to the health of the organism, sugar is often called “white poison”. So, let us consider the reasons why we should use honey instead of sugar.

The first thing that you should pay attention to is the caloric content. Of course caloric content of honey is higher than in the same amount of sugar. A tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories, while the same portion of sugar has 46 calories. But due to the fact that honey is much sweeter, we consume it far less than sugar, thereby reducing the number of calories.

The glycemic index is an indicator of how food affects blood sugar levels. Problems associated with the occurrence of diabetes, excess weight and cardiovascular system are the result of a high-glycemic index of the consumed products. The lower the index, the slower the body absorbs sugar; accordingly, such food is healthier. The glycemic index of sugar amounts 70 units, of honey is about 49 units.

The next factor that can be attributed to the use of honey is as follows. The main components of honey – glucose and fructose. These substances constitute 72% of the composition of honey. Our organism doesn’t require insulin for their assimilation. Thus, the risk to overload the pancreas doesn’t threaten us. Since these components do not require further processing in the gastrointestinal tract, it saves a lot of energy. They are rapidly absorbed and almost completely assimilated.

Honey has such a valuable quality as stimulation of metabolic processes. This is one reason that honey is often recommended by nutritionists for weight loss. Water with lemon and honey in the morning on an empty stomach – one of the most simple recipes for this purpose. However, such a beverage may be taken several times a day, but provided – not earlier than 30 minutes before meals. Honey is perfectly combined with mint or ginger tea. You can also use the small slices of ginger with honey in order to stimulate metabolism.

The most important property of honey is to enhance immunity, as well as to use it as a general strengthening agent for the human organism. Honey is beneficial for nervous exhaustion, helps with heart, stomach and liver diseases. The product softens the mucous membranes and therefore is indispensable in many catarrhal diseases. As for sugar, it reduces strength of the immune system in 17 times! That is, the more sugar in our body, the weaker our immunity. Sugar contains virtually no beneficial nutrients, so we frequently hear “empty calories” talking about it. But honey is a vitamin-mineral product. So, just think what is more useful for you.

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