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Honey diet

honey-diet-julia-dietsHoney diet is perfect not only for adherents of an active lifestyle, but also for lazy people, who love spending time on the couch. This diet is effective as honey activates hormone, which is responsible for the burning of fat. If before going to bed you eat a tablespoon of this product, even being the laziest sleepyhead, for which to get out of bed and begin an active life is a huge challenge, you will lose weight. By the way, British nutritionists named such a program for weight loss as a honey diet for the lazybones.

An important property of honey, which contributes to weight loss, is that it can quickly saturate the body with carbohydrates and at the same time promote a large release of bile, participating in the disposal of food fats. In addition, it has a property to regulate the acidity of gastric juice and reduce the activity of the gastrointestinal lipase, and thus, prevent the fat storage in our figure. Moreover, this product is an excellent natural anti-depressant, which perfectly helps us to cope effectively with fatigue and lift mood.

There are many diet programs based on honey, I present to you one of them. This is the most popular version of such diet, and it lasts for 14 days. The basic rules of diet with honey are as follows: your menu should obligatorily include dairy products, vegetables without starch, citrus fruits, berries. At the same time, before every meal you need to eat 1 tsp of honey and a portion of food shouldn’t exceed 200 grams. You should eat 5 times a day and necessarily drink water without gas, acidic juices or tea.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast – 1 tsp of honey, 150 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, tea with lemon;

Snack – 125 grams of dietary yogurt, juice;

Lunch – 1 tsp of honey, boiled cauliflower, strawberries, tea;

Snack – orange;

Dinner – 1 tsp of honey, a cup of yogurt.

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