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Honey diet for the lazybones

Honey diet for lazy

It’s so difficult to choose a suitable diet among a plurality of possible options, and especially if you in fact do not want to. So, I’d like to propose a simple diet for the laziest people. Once we have mentioned the diet for the lazybones developed by British nutritionists. It’s time to consider it in more detail.

Nutritionists Mike McInnes, Stuart McInnes and Maggie Stanfield claim that not only gym can help us to lose weight. Omitting all sorts of the dietary programs they offer an option that will make it possible to grow thin just in your own bed, under the blanket. So, if you stick to this so-called “sleep-diet”, you can lose a pound of excess weight per day.

According to experts, the body can burn even more calories than aerobics exactly while sleeping. The secret is in the fact that you should necessarily eat a tablespoon of honey before bedtime. It is worth noting, and we’ve talked about this, that honey is a product which activates a hormone that burns fat.

If you want to achieve more significant results, the authors of the diet recommend to pay attention to yoga, pilates or to do the exercises with dumbbells for 15-20 minutes three times a week. However, the diet definitely works without physical activities.

Menu for the day:


Option 1: A cup of apple juice, 120 grams of cereal with low-fat milk and a tablespoon of honey.

Option 2: A cup of tomato juice, 200 grams of oatmeal cooked in low-fat milk and a tablespoon of honey.

Option 3: Fresh fruit salad of oranges and apples (200 grams), which should be seasoned with a tablespoon of honey; a slice of whole grain bread and one boiled egg.


Choose: a small handful of sunflower seeds of favorite nuts, dried fruits or one fresh fruit according to your taste.


Option 1: A cup of fresh orange juice and a couple of sandwiches – two slices of whole grain breads with tuna and a salad with mushrooms cooked on the grill and one cucumber. For the dessert you may choose any fresh fruit.

Option 2: A cup of any fresh juice to your taste. Two slices of whole grain breads, slices of chicken and bacon, cooked on the grill, a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and leafy greens.

Closer to evening it is desirable to eat a salad of carrots with raisins and nuts, one banana, one sliced apple with a small piece of low-fat cheese or some peanuts.


Option 1: A cup of fresh fruit juice. 150 grams of salmon, cooked with olive oil on the grill. 150 grams of noodles mixed with black olives and bell pepper. Fresh vegetable salad made of tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and celery.

Option 2: A cup of fresh fruit or vegetable juice to your choice. One baked potato stuffed with mushrooms and onions. Fresh salad of any vegetables. For the dessert – low-fat yogurt with a little fruits (apricots).

A couple of hours after dinner it is recommended take a short walk or do some exercises.

An hour before sleep you need to drink a glass of water with lemon or tea from chamomile or mint. And don’t forget to add a tablespoon of honey.

It seems rather easy and tasty, don’t you think? Good luck!

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