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High-protein diet

Popüler-Diyetlerle-İlgili-Doğru-Bilinen-6-YanlışFrom all variety of now existing diets for weight loss, high-protein diet is the most effective. At least, most of my friends who wanted to lose weight used it for quick and guaranteed result, and to tell the truth, the result was obvious! The main advantage of this diet is that you don’t refuse from too much of a variety of delicious food. It is to be noted that there are some nuances, but at any rate, if it suits to Jennifer Aniston, why don’t we try?

A scientist Robert Atkins is an author of this diet, and his standard breakfast is bacon and eggs. Anyway, he gives a promise that in a couple of weeks you can lose 3 to 8 pounds. Not bad, isn’t it?

So, one of the benefits of a protein diet is that you don’t feel hunger, because the protein food is able to provide the proper amount of energy. You have to refuse only from side dishes and desserts, and it’s much easier than eating just oatmeal for example. But there are some disadvantages; so you should take it seriously. First of all, the intake of only protein into the organism can lead to the withdrawal of calcium and trace elements which are necessary for the bones, skin and hair. Secondly, there is an increased load on the kidneys. Therefore it is recommended to apply the liquid as much as possible. At last, this diet is not suitable for the elderly and for those who have serious chronic diseases. It just sounds terrible, but actually, you should stick with advice and everything will work! The duration of such a diet is no more than 2 weeks and no more than 1 time per year.

The approximate menu may include boiled or baked beef/lean pork, boiled fish, chicken without skin and fat, boiled beans, lenten cottage cheese, eggs, black bread, raw or steamed vegetables, fruit, nuts, low-fat kefir, green tea or organic coffee. Try to limit salt and butter intake. But first, drink a glass of room temperature water 10-15 minutes before a meal. Menu may be varied as there is a plurality of combinations.

Don’t forget to do sports and spend more time in nature, don’t take to heart your everyday problems and stay positive!


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  • Diana

    all the diets are individual, but this diet suits me. I’ve learned about it from a colleague and I saw how he changed every day. the result won’t be immediate, because the organism rebuilds first. compared with the other diets, this one has the minimum of problems. periodically I repeat the course and thus I keep myself in shape

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