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Herbal teas for weight loss

                               Nettle teaNettle

This tea is rich in vitamins C, K, B12, A, and calcium. Nettle tea has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from anemia, rheumatism, diabetes, ulcers, and kidney stones. Tea is also able to improve the immune system, prevent swelling and also helps to control appetite, so it is recommended during the diet.

                                                                                              Green teaGreen tea

Such an effective antioxidant as green tea is able to dissolve the fat and reduce the absorption of fatty acids. Moreover, it lowers the level of cholesterol.

              Tea from leaves mulberry treeleaves of mulberry tree

It is recommended to use the dried leaves for brewing this tea. Tea from the leaves of mulberry tree is useful for people with such illnesses as ulcers, gastritis and diarrhea. Moreover, it’s a great assistant during the diet.


                      Tea from dandelions

Tea from these charming flowers has neutralizing and diuretic properties. It lowers cholesterol levels and tones up, so it is not recommended to drink it before going to bed.

Black tea

                                  Black tea

Black tea improves metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and, in addition, as green tea it is also can fight with fat. All this thanks to the two amazing substances which have the same effect as insulin.

artichokes                          Tea from artichokes

Tea from artichokes is a popular tea in southern Europe and one of the most effective types of tea on sale in general. It is excellent for everyday use. Artichokes – a real storehouse of vital substances. This plant (and tea brewed from it) is an important source of carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants; it helps to eliminate toxins and improves digestion.


                          Tea from rose hips

It never hurts to remind about the benefits of rose hips. This plant is useful because is rich in vitamin C, removes toxins from the body, has an amazing neutralizing properties. It is also a diuretic that promotes the biliary excretion.


                                                                                          Tea from lovage

It is proved by the experts that tea from lovage is useful for weight loss – it helps to get rid of extra kilos and fat collected in liver and heart. Thus, it helps to improve blood circulation and helps the digestion. It dissolves kidney stones and is a powerful diuretic tool.

corn silk

                            Tea from corn silk

Corn silk is widely used in herbal medicine as it has valuable substances – potassium, calcium, silica, beeswax, a saponin, an essential oil, allantoin, vitamins C, E, K. This product is also valuable in that it can reduce appetite. Thus, this leads to consuming of fewer calories. So, corn silk is recommended during diets, as well as in the treatment of heart and liver diseases.


                                                                                         Tea from chicory

Decoctions and infusions of chicory roots improve digestion, soothe the nervous system and help the work of the heart. It is recommended for diseases of spleen and kidneys; for biliary excretion, neutralization of harmful substances in the liver.

Tea – is power! However, you shouldn’t forget that this is only an addition to a diet and not the main means to combat obesity. First of all, try to change your lifestyle – to eat properly, to have rest and to perform at least a minimum of physical exertions.

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