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Herbal diet

herbal diet

We have already faced with some herbal infusions somehow. Let us consider more variants of slimming based on special herbal pickings, which contribute to weight loss. Herbal diets will act with great efficiency in the case if you follow a number of recommendations on nutrition.

The essence of the herbal diet is as follows. You should consume 100 ml of a mixture of herbs 2-3 times a day before meals for two months. In addition to the consumption of herbal infusions, you must follow some additional recommendation. Your daily menu should consist of 1/3 of vegetables, fruits and legumes. In addition, you should necessarily eat 200 grams of meat. You can eat dairy products, but keep an eye on its fat content – it should not be too high. The consumption of white bread should be limited by replacing it with black bread.

So, what kind of herbs we need to brew.

Herbs that have the properties to reduce appetite: angelica archangelica, flax seeds, seaweed, marshmallow root the ordinary. These herbs form a mucous pellicle on the walls of the stomach, thereby reducing appetite. They can also absorb moisture, filling the stomach while increasing, and satisfy hunger as a result.

Herbs with the properties for normalization of metabolism: ginger, rosemary, turmeric, birch leaves, nettles.

Herbs that increase energy expenditure. Thus, they help to burn more calories than usual. Well-known condiments – turmeric, rosemary, ginger and others. However, they may increase the appetite, so be careful.

Herbs that help to normalize the digestive system: anise, parsley, dill.

Herbs with a diuretic effect: field horsetail, blueberry leaves, barberry, dandelion.

Herbs that have a laxative effect and excrete slags and toxins from the organism: chamomile, dill, anise, cumin.

The recipe of cooking the decoction is simple. You should take a tablespoon of herbs for 200 grams of boiling water, and let stand in a sealed container for 15-20 minutes.

Let us consider some examples of using herbs to be more specific.

Herbal collection №1


blackberry leaves – 80 grams

birch leaves – 10 grams

leaves of coltsfoot – 10 grams

The mixture should be poured with boiling water in a ratio of 1:20, heated for 15 minutes in a water bath under the lid, cooled and filtered. Drink one glass in the morning and before dinner.

Herbal collection №2


root elderberry – 20 grams

horsetail – 20 grams

flowers of cornflower – 10 grams

strawberry leaves – 10 grams

alchemilla vulgaris – 10 grams

birch leaves – 100 grams

Brew 1 tablespoon of mixture for a glass of water. Boil it for 2 minutes and infuse for 15 minutes. Drink a cup of decoction before bedtime.

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