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Greek diet

Greek diet

It is proved that residents of the Mediterranean much less able to suffer from cancers, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Nutritionists claim that the reason is in special way of nutrition.

The Greek diet is such a way of nutrition as the Mediterranean one, and it is considered as its variation. It also doesn’t have strict requirements and plurality of constraints, at the same time it contributes to improvement of the body and loss of excess weight.

So, the principles of the Greek diet:

Carbohydrates should make up 60% of the diet. Such products include black and grain bread, brown rice, peas, soybeans, vegetables and fruits. Further, fats – 30%. They are nuts, avocado, olive oil. The last, proteins – 10%. These foods include lean meat, fish and poultry, legumes, non-fat milk and other dairy products with low fat content. An important feature is that the consumption of fish and other marine products should be privileged. Meat is not recommended.

As for fish, you should choose such as white halibut, sardines, tuna, trout, mackerel, fresh and smoked salmon. It is necessary to include fresh eggs into the diet – about 2-4 pieces per week. Eat more greens, replace sugar by honey, avoid salt. Greek diet is known for a variety of dishes, so you will not feel any deficiencies of the vitamins.

This is a very effective diet, but the results will not be instantaneous. In this case, the weight can quickly return. But if you lose weight gradually, this possibility is excluded. It’s not a strict system of nutrition and does not require a special schedule. If you stick to such a diet all the time, you will maintain your desired weight. Such a diet can help to regulate metabolism in organism, reduce fat intake and increase the supply of nutrients. You will feel the effectiveness of this way of nutrition on your general health, mood, nails, skin and hair.

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