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Fundamentals of proper nutrition

heart_nutritionProper nutrition instills people dislike just by its name. When we hear it, the first thought is that we shouldn’t eat anything except lettuce leaves. But don’t be afraid. We should just deal with a few simple rules and learn how to adhere to them. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean meager meals; it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself in everything. The main point is in the balance of calories, of micro- and macroelements.

Some products are good for the immune system and general rejuvenation of the body, maintaining it in tone and health improvement as a whole. While the other products contribute only to the deposition of fat and a feeling of fatigue. So, to avoid the visits to doctor or dietitian we should eat right and timely. This implies the first rule. We should eat at the same time each day. Thus, you need to create the most convenient schedule and stick to it.

We should eat as much food as it is required by the body for saturation. In any case we should avoid overeating even if one more tiny piece is so delicious.

Your menu shouldn’t be monotonous – different foods contain different vitamins and they should be alternated.

It is recommended to choose products according to the season. At different times of the year the body requires different nutrients. For example it needs meat in winter and fresh vegetables in summer.

The most famous recommendation is to drink plenty of fluids. This list doesn’t include soups, but only mineral or filtered water, juices, fruit drinks.

Products can be easily digestible and can be heavy for our stomach.apple-nutrition

Easily digestible food may include fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts and dried fruit, various cereals and porridge, poultry meat, seafood (especially red fish), dairy products, green tea. This is the basis of dietary nutrition and it can be used in any quantity. These foods are rich in vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, amino and fatty acids, fiber and alkali base.

But there are also products, the number of which should be limited. Such as fried and spicy food, fatty meat and mayonnaise, smoked and pickled sausage, pastries, strong coffee, sugar, salt.

Start to adhere to these simple tips, and you will see the first results – they will improve your health status and make your favorite jeans look better on you!

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