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Forbidden for empty stomach


We have already touched upon theme of products which can’t be consumed on an empty stomach. Let’s consider such foods closer.

Yeast pastries – bad variant for breakfast. Yeasts contribute to the development of stomach gas, stomach swells, and we don’t need this in the morning.

Coffee on an empty stomach erodes the mucosa, over time this can lead to gastritis. Moreover, caffeine irritates the gallbladder, which is being reduced throws portion of bile for digestion, but it has nothing to digest, so it only harms. Milk won’t help here, because the binders of the coffee bind with milk proteins and form almost insoluble compounds which become the kidney stones.

Pears are also harmful in the morning, because they contain a lot of roughage, which injure delicate mucous membranes of the digestive system.

Citrus fruits are dangerous for people suffering from diseases of the stomach – gastritis, gastric ulcer or hyperacidity. These fruits contain much acid, which is also harmful to the gastric mucosa and even corrodes it.

Persimmon is known as astringent fruit. What happens in the mouth also happens in the stomach. Indigestible fiber of persimmon slows motility of the stomach and intestines.

Cold drinks are not desirable on an empty stomach. They constrict blood vessels of the stomach. It is bad for blood circulation gastrointestinal tract and the whole process of digestion. It is recommended to wait a couple of hours after meals, and then drink.

Sugar and sugar products (even sweet fruit) are also not recommended to consume in the morning. Sugar is a product which is quickly absorbed by the organism and thus it irritates the pancreas. Insulin increases and the level of blood sugar decreases. In such way we get the feeling of fatigue right at the beginning of the day.

It is unlikely that you start your day with garlic, but just in case. Garlic and all sorts of different burning spices, as well as caffeine, irritate mucous and gallbladder.

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