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Foods to preserve youth

Water. No other type of fluid can replace pure water in the organism, since human consists of water. Thanks to water the dryness disappears on the skin, the hair becomes stronger and more elastic, and the age wrinkles appear much later. The main cause of early aging is a lack of water in the body. It has a bad effect on health and mood. Daily it is necessary to drink about two liters of pure water (tea, coffee, juice, soup – not water).

Water benefit

Dairy products. To maintain good health, we need useful bifidobacteria contained in natural fermented milk products. If you eat dairy products every day, after a couple of weeks it will ensure a comfortable work of intestine, since all putrefactive processes will stop and even the function of kidneys and liver will normalize. Therefore, such products are recommended in the case of dysbacteriosis, colitis, constipation and even poisoning.

Dairy products

Green vegetables. Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which strengthens the body’s immunity. Thanks to vegetables, toxins and free radicals, destroying cells and leading to aging of the body, are eliminated from the body. It is best to eat them raw and freshly collected, because during storage and heat treatment they partly lose valuable nutrients. Celery is the most useful green vegetable for youth of skin.

Green vegetables

Vegetable oils. For the correct assimilation of most vitamins, the human body needs fats, which are contained in cold-pressed oils. Due to them oxidation processes are also slowed down. To maintain your health, you should eat one tablespoon of olive oil every day.

Vegetable oils

Nuts. All nuts, without exception, are powerful antioxidants. They also contain coenzyme Q1O needed for renewal and nutrition of cells. After thirty years of its development by the body is reduced, so ration of a woman must include about fifty grams of nuts daily.


Seafood. A large number of microelements that prolong youth are found in mackerel, salmon, squid and other seafood. Fresh and natural sea delicacies, including frozen squid, can be bought in the online store with home delivery. Eating these products has a beneficial effect on skin and hair, it saturates the body with iodine, improves the function of thyroid gland.


Legumes and cereals. They contain a rich composition, but especially silicon, responsible for the production of collagen. The use of cereals helps to improve the functioning of the circulatory system, as well as to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Lovers of beans are guaranteed a beautiful and even skin color.

Legumes and cereals

Sour fruits and berries. As we know, they are rich in vitamin C, and therefore they protect cells from free radicals, normalize fat metabolism, give the skin a healthy appearance, and also help the formation of collagen.

Sour fruits and berrie

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