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Fluid requirements

fluidsAll the adherents of a healthy lifestyle claim that we need to drink more fluids during the day. So, how much do we actually need to drink in order to maintain the water balance?

The common dose – 8 glasses of fluid a day for a healthy person. This does not necessarily have to be water. We can receive this norm from fruit, vegetables, soups, juices and a variety of beverages. But it is important to remember that not all drinks are so useful.

Carbonated soft drinks have no nutritional value to the body. They contribute to the excess weight because they contain large amounts of sugar. These drinks contain phosphoric (orthophosphoric) acid, so they adversely affect the teeth. It is recommended to limit the use of this type of beverages to 0.34 ml per day, but it will be better not to use them at all.

Such an invigorating drink as coffee will not benefit if consumed in large quantities. You should drink no more than 1-2 cups a day to avoid the negative impact of caffeine.

Fruit drinks contain no vitamins and trace elements. But they have a lot of sugar, which is bad for the figure. If you like fruit juice, make it yourself – buy fresh fruit and squeeze the juice from them. After all, a natural fruit juice is a storehouse of useful vitamins. They saturate our body and have beneficial effects.

Nonfat or 1% fat milk – an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, and in this case, a little fat.

Green tea is an ideal drink at any time of the day. It contains flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants. In addition, it clears the body from various harmful substances.

All herbal teas are generally useful for the organism. They can promote relaxation or maintain your body in tone, as well as improve digestion.

And of course, water. This is an ideal source of saturation of the body by fluid. It is a natural source of fluoride.

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