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Favorite diet

This diet is designed for a week.

It will help you to lose 5-10 pounds of excess weight and clean your organism.

The principle of the diet is in alternation of different types of products. The approximate menu is in the following.

Day 1 – drinkable. You should use only liquid food – tea, water, cocoa, juice, milk, yogurt, soup and so on. Sugar is excluded.

Day 2 – vegetable. Eat vegetables in any number without the addition of salts and oils. It is recommended to pay special attention to the cabbage, which is a good fat burner.

Day 3 – drinkable.

Day 4 – fruit. It is allowed to eat vegetables in any quantity. It is recommended to choose citrus fruits and pineapples, which perfectly burn fat.

Day 5 – protein. You should eat eggs, poultry without skin, steamed or boiled fish, low-fat cottage cheese and so on.

Day 6 – drinkable.

Day 7 – quit the diet. Breakfast – tea without sugar, two boiled eggs. For a snack you can use any fruit, but just one. Lunch – a cup of bouillon or a light soup with buckwheat. Snack – one fruit.

This diet is rather popular and effective. Good luck!

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