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Fat burning cocktails

Fat burning cocktailsFat burning cocktails is an excellent variant for those who want to lose weight without harm for health.  They are not a diet, not a special method of rapidly weight reduction, but it is a great help towards this. Here are some tips for preparation of such drinks and several recipes.

You should consume the cocktail only in the freshly prepared form. It’s not recommended to prepare it for the future, make it only as a one certain portion. If the drink recipe includes water, use ice-water. It impacts on the organism more effectively, helping to get rid of the extra calories. If the drink contains dairy products, you should choose ones with the lowest percentage of fat but not fat-free. It is recommended to drink cocktails separately, not to mix them with other foods. You can use them instead of snacking.

It is allowed to add spices into the beverage according to your taste. Cinnamon, for example, is suitable for milk and fruit fat burning cocktails. Glucose somehow gets into our bodies. Cinnamon helps the organism to process it  into energy more efficiently, not giving a chance to turn into fat. Cardamone well promotes metabolism. It helps to burn calories, which are contained in fats and carbohydrates, faster and more effective. This spice is well combined with vegetable fat burning cocktails. Furthermore, pepper also has a property to accelerate metabolism. It would be not bad to add a little pepper into vegetable drinks.

The so-called “green” cocktail made of kiwi, lemon and greens is very popular for weight loss. It has a very pleasant and appetizing color. For its preparation you will need 1 kiwi fruit, 2 slices of lemon, parsley – 8 branches without stalks, mint – leaves of 7 branches, cold water – 100 ml. The first thing you should do is to clean the kiwifruit from the skin. Next, cut the fruit into pieces, tear off the leaves from the parsley and mint and mix all ingredients in a blender. If you like honey, you can add a little into drink.

The cocktail with grapefruit and lemon perfectly struggles with calories and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, this beverage comprises a very important ingredient – ginger. It is recommended to make this cocktail at least twice a week. We will need 1 grapefruit, 1 lemon, ginger – 50g, honey. Grapefruit should be peeled and cut into slices. Also, you need to cut a lemon into small pieces. Grate the ginger on a fine grater. Mix all the ingredients in a blender and add honey. If the drink seems too thick, add a little water.

The next – vegetable fat burning cocktail. A distinctive feature of this drink is a presence of hot spicy sauce. You can choose Tabasco or any other of your discretion. The recipe includes 1 large tomato, 2 celeries, half of red pepper, a couple of sprigs of your favorite greens, a pinch of sea salt, ½ teaspoon of hot sauce, ice. Traditionally, mix thoroughly all the ingredients in a blender.

There are many recipes for sour-milk shakes. The classical variant of cocktail for slimming is based on kefir. Ingredients: kefir – 250 ml, oatmeal – 2 tsp, cucumber – 1 medium size, any fresh herbs – mint, dill, ginger, parsley. For a smooth consistency, it is recommended to rub the cucumber on a fine grater. Then all the ingredients should be mixed in a blender.

Here’s another original recipe of cocktail of kiwifruit with watermelon. This is an excellent choice for a summer drink. It is very tasty and perfectly helps to lose weight. We will need 2 kiwi fruit, watermelon – 200 grams of flesh without pits, 2-3 cubes of ice. Peel the fruit, cut into pieces and mix in a blender. Pour into a glass and put the ice – what could be simpler!

Don’t be afraid to experiment, change the ingredients according to your taste, organism will always tell what it needs.

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