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Fasting days with tangerines


If you like tangerines, you’ll like these recommendations. Consuming tangerines, you will enrich your body with vitamins and will be able to get rid of one – two extra kilos within a short time.

One of the easiest ways of fasting days is a tangerine day. For this purpose, once a week you will need to eat for about two kilograms of fresh tangerines during the day. You should use only these fruits, all other meals, as well as drugs and alcohol, should be excluded from the ration. So, in the morning, divide 1.5-2 kilogram of tangerine into five – six equal portions, and eat them throughout the day, through the same timeslot. Also, don’t forget to drink at least one glass of purified water per hour. It is recommended to use warm water. You can also drink qualitative green tea of the medium strength. Regular using of such fasting days during the month will help you to get rid of the three – five kilograms.

There is another option of the fasting days using tangerines, which includes other products. In this case, it requires such foods as fresh green apples and boiled eggs. Take one kilo of fresh tangerines and in the morning, divide them into four equal parts. You should use them throughout the day at regular intervals. In between meals, eat one fresh apple and a quarter of hard boiled eggs. After each serving, drink a warm infusion of qualitative green tea or mineral alkaline water without gas.

The next variant involves the following products: fresh skimmed milk – about 150 grams, boiled chicken meat (breast is recommended) – 100 grams and 0.5 kilograms of tangerines. All these products must be divided into three equal portions. Throughout the day you need to eat it, and drink purified water or infusion of rose hips after each meal. We have often mentioned this infusion. The recipe is simple – pour two teaspoons of crushed hips with one liter of purified water, then allow to be insisted in a warm place for at least ten minutes. Using such a system of fasting days, you can get rid of five kilograms per month. The result will be better provided with a combination of morning and evening exercises.

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