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Fasting days with Claudia Schiffer

In 1995 the magazine Paris Match named Claudia Schiffer the most beautiful girl in the world. And today she has a perfect figure. Active life and constant training require valid nutrition. To keep herself in good shape, she organizes special periodic fasting days.

diet Claudia SchifferShe starts her day with a glass of water.

Breakfast – soft-boiled egg, green tea;

Three hours later – 150 grams of nonfat cottage cheese, green tea;

Another three hours later – again 150 grams of nonfat cottage cheese, green tea;

The rest of the day she drinks mineral water. You can add lemon juice to tea and water.

It is important to exclude salt and sugar from the ration. It is advisable to take multivitamins during the diet to compensate the possible lack of vitamins. The interval between meals may be more than 3 hours. It is recommended to eat in such way for 2-4 days. You will like the result – the loss of 2-5 extra kilos. You can repeat such fasting days not more often than once in a month.

We should not also forget that training in the gym is one of the main factors of models’ life. Diet 5+ is also attributed to the legendary supermodel. Choose a suitable option for yourself and be slim and beautiful!

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