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Fasting day – kefir and flax seeds

Fasting day - kefir and flax seedsIf you need to lose some weight, or you feel a severity of overeating after a week of tasty holidays (for example), fasting day is the best idea. You have to endure just one day per week without your favorite foods, and the result will gradually but surely satisfy you!

We have already considered a lot of options fasting days, based on a variety of foods – vegetables, fruits and liquids. Now I want to offer you one more interesting way to spend a day with required benefits. The strategy is simple – the whole week you eat as usual, your standard menu in the habitual amounts. At the end of the week you arrange a fasting day, the menu of which consists of 5 glasses of kefir with addition of flaxseed.

Basically, if you find it difficult to drink only kefir all day, you can try a facilitated version – stir a teaspoon of flax seeds in a glass of kefir or water and consume as an “aperitif” before meals. A more severe and, as you understand, a more effective option – 5 glasses of kefir with 5 teaspoons of flax seeds a day and nothing else.

How does it work?

Even our grandmothers always advised to drink kefir before meals as it promotes digestion – kefir literally starts work of the stomach. It also helps to “kill the appetite,” mechanically filling the stomach (as a glass of water for weight loss). It helps to quench thirst, which we often mistake for hunger.

Kefir also allows us to obtain additional 6 grams of protein from a good source. This is especially important for those who, for whatever reason, do not eat meat and do not like dairy products. Thus, we return to the topic of digestion – the body produces gastric juice and we digest food better.

Flax seeds before meal act as a mechanical “filler” of the stomach which reduces appetite. Together with kefir, its natural shells form a kind of a “gel”, which can be truly called that magical means “against the appetite.”

Flax seeds help to cleanse the body; in addition, they contain omega-3 acid, which regulates the blood cholesterol level, which considerably improves the health of obese people.

Flax seeds are rich in nutrients and minerals: proteins, B group vitamins and vitamins A, E, F, beta-carotene and minerals – zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, etc. However, flax seeds have the greatest value through the content of fatty acids, fiber and lignans.

If such a kefir cocktail with flax seeds doesn’t help you – you don’t see any results, and generally, you can’t tolerate dairy products – there are two ways to solve this problem. Choose another option of the fasting day, which will be to your liking and taste. Or, slightly adjust your menu.

Often this drink helps to lose weight only to those who can neatly fit it into their own caloric ration and is able to regularly use it without too much suffering and increasing of the caloric content of the rest of the diet. The product is absolutely not suitable for those who just do not like it.

It’s difficult enough to fool the organism. But life teaches us that we should listen to it and live in harmony!

Good luck!

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