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Eating after 18.00

eating after 18.00Even if you don’t adhere to a strict diet, you know that eating after 6 pm is not desirable. And what should we do if can’t already endure? Listen to your organism! But be careful when choosing products. Let’s see what we can afford in this time of day.

Mushrooms – excellent dietary product. We often talk about them. This is the minimum of calories and a lot of useful microelements. Of course, you should be careful during cooking. Frying them in a large amount of oil, then stewing in a 30% sour cream – is not a good idea.

Beet contains betaine, which lowers blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis and regulates fat metabolism. This means it prevents obesity. You can eat it in any kind of cooking.

Corn is very much appreciated because of the components that are able to withdraw excess cholesterol. This is a great helper won’t allow the fat to be deposited on your hips, if you broke down the diet and ate something not quite useful.

Celery is certainly in the list! This is a product with negative caloric content.

Cabbage – the same important vegetable like celery. Eat in any form and in any quantity!

Pumpkin is a storehouse of vitamins. But most importantly, it contains vitamin T, which helps to absorb heavy meal and improves metabolism. Very light and healthy food.

Vegetable caviar made from squash, eggplant, mushrooms or vegetables – it’s so delicious! And besides, it’s nourishing and healthy!

Apricots – only 42 calories per 100 grams. Delicious dessert, which also removes the morning swelling!

Nectarine improves metabolism, rejuvenates the body, helps in the digestion of fatty foods, helps to avoid constipation and reduces cholesterol in the blood. In addition, it is an excellent natural antioxidant.

Raspberry well influences digestion and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, it contains substances that affect the color and elasticity of the skin. Doubly good choice!

The fat content in the cod is 0.6 grams per 100 grams of product. At the same time protein content is comparable to meat products. And how delicious it is!

Flounder contains such a rare substance as methionine. It has fat splitting properties. The protein of this fish is quickly absorbed in the body, so it is very suitable for the menu before going to bed.

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