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Dried fruits for weight loss

Dried fruits for weight loss

Continuing the theme of dried fruit, I want to offer some more variants of diets using this product. For example, a great choice would be to combine them with kefir. Using this combination you can effectively lose up to 3 – 4 kg in 3 days and perfectly clean the intestines.

The essence of the diet is in a three-day use of various dried fruit and kefir.

Daily ration of such a diet is as follows:

– 1 liter of 1% kefir;

– 400-500 grams of dried fruit.

Divide this amount of food into portions and eat 10-12 times every hour.

The next version of the diet consists of dried fruit and buckwheat. This combination of products will help to lose weight and cleanse your organism. It’s not a starvation diet – you will not feel irritability, weakness and fatigue.

The diet is designed for 5 – 7 days. It is more balanced than that one which is based just on dried fruits. The ration comprises buckwheat porridge without salt, milk, butter and sugar; 100 grams of dried fruits and 2 liters of clean water.

The approximate daily ration is as follows:

Breakfast: a portion of porridge, 20 grams of dried apricots;

Snack: 4 pieces of figs;

Dinner: a portion of porridge, 20 grams of prunes;

Snack: dates;

Dinner: a portion of porridge with raisins.

Dried fruit is a light, sweet and delicious option for those who want to get rid of excess weight without tedious calorie counting and graphs. Dried fruits perfectly fill the shortage of vitamins and fiber in the organism and significantly improve the functioning of the intestine.

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