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Dietary tips

dietary tips
There are many different diets, but when we want to control our nutrition after diets or instead of them, we often wonder – what products we need. So you can safely take the following products as the basis of recipes for weight loss.

Dietary protein:

low-fat cottage cheese; soybeans; lean beef; white lean fish; fillet of poultry (chicken, turkey); seafood (squid, shrimp).

Complex dietary carbohydrates:

cereals and whole grains; vegetables (except potatoes and avocados); fruits (except bananas and grapes); berries; lettuce leaves and greenery; legumes.

Sources of fats:

olive oil; nuts.

There are two main types of diets.

Balanced diet means the right balance between the main nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). Thus, balanced diet food recipes for women should be constructed on the ratio of 60% of carbohydrates / 25% of proteins / 15% fats;

Unbalanced diet is a system of nutrition, when the balance of nutrients is disrupted in favor of one of them. For example, protein diets involve reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum. It is explained by the ability of proteins to be transformed into fats, when the carbohydrates can’t do that. There are even paradoxical theories about losing weight diets based on the fatty ration.

A few tips on choosing a diet.

If you bring the percentage of complex carbohydrates in your ration to 70-80%, while almost completely abandoning the fats and greatly reducing the intake of proteins, you can achieve feminine, elegant and light shape. Food recipes of the carbohydrate diet are designed for those who want to be the most strongly reduced in volume.

If you increase the protein content up to 30-40%, and combine the low-calorie diet with active physical activity, you can get a sports figure.

It is known that we need a protein for the formation of muscle mass. So if you are one of those who plan to replace the fat folds by elastic muscles, the diet recipes for weight loss, where the proteins are prevalent, will suit you.

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