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Dietary beverage with chamomile and apple cider vinegar

chamomile and apple cider vinegar

If you are looking for an option for losing some excess kilograms, but diets are too difficult for you as a whole, or laziness doesn’t allow you to keep to the schedule, I want to offer a special drink. This is a gentle way to lose weight – – the case when you do not need to limit yourself in food so much.

Such drinks are as effective in the fight against obesity as special diets and fasting days. In addition, they are excellent tools also because of the fact that they do not require expensive products, tremendous effort and refusal from the usual menu. So, this dietary drink with chamomile and apple cider vinegar decreases the appetite, stimulates metabolism and burns fat.


Chamomile pharmaceutical

Apple cider vinegar


Lemon juice

The recipe is very simple and its preparation is as follows:

Buy a packaging of chamomile in the usual pharmacy. Prepare an infusion: take 2 tablespoons of plant raw material (chamomile), pour with one liter of boiling water, cover and leave for half an hour. Then, strain the liquid and let it cool a little.

Then add the following ingredients into the prepared chamomile infusion:

5 teaspoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

It is recommended to take the beverage before meals. However, if you like the taste, and you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, you may drink chamomile beverage throughout the day at your own discretion.

The result will not make you wait! After a couple of days you will find out that your appetite is decreased and the taste habits are changed for the best. And of course, your scales will not let me lie.

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