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Diet with chicken and pineapple

diet-pineapple-chickenContinuing the theme of pineapple, I want to offer a diet that combines chicken and pineapple. We have already examined the properties of pineapples, and in combination with chicken it’s a great idea for losing weight in 9 days! Chicken meat is nourishing and easy to digest, as well as it contains many elements and vitamins necessary for the body. Chicken has ability to lower cholesterol levels and is tasty in any kind of cooking; delicious pineapple gently cleanses the intestine and cleaves fats – so it’s a very successful duet!

During these nine days you can lose weight for 6 kg. This is not a “starving” diet, so you can without special efforts make your figure more suitable for the summer beach. As you can see, the diet is limited to two products – chicken without skin and pineapples. But be careful – this diet is not suitable for people with any serious diseases, because of the shortage of certain vitamins in these foods. If you are not sure about your health – it is recommended to consult with a nutritionist.

So, here are the principles of the diet.

The first three days – you need to eat only chicken meat and only chicken breasts, skinless. You can stew, boil or bake them and eat in unlimited quantities. It is strictly forbidden to salt meat, but you are allowed to use a variety of herbs and spices.

In the next three days – eat only pineapples, only fresh pineapples – canned fruits can’t be used in any case! The amount of pineapples is also not limited.

In the next three days  you can eat pineapples and chicken in any quantity.

Important rule – in 10 minutes before a meal it is recommended to drink one glass of water. During the diet you can drink green tea and water in any quantity. In no case don’t stop this diet in the middle of the course, even if you have lost a desired number of kilograms. You risk to regain your excess weight back. For best results it is recommended to play sports. If necessary, the diet can be repeated no earlier than in half a year.

Good luck!

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