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Diet “six petals”

6 petals

This is a diet of Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. She says that a 24-hour mono-diet is the best system of nutrition in order to remove a few extra pounds. It has already helped lots of people to lose weight in six days. The essence of the diet “six petals” is in the alternation of 6 different monodiets. In a couple of weeks you will be able to get rid of 10-15 kg.

Action principle of the diet is that you don’t mix the incompatible elements of products which are harmful for the figure. Such products slow the digestion, so those proteins, carbohydrates and fats which are formed in the body don’t have time to be digested and are converted into the subcutaneous fat.

Research of the European Centre for Weight Loss has showed that the mono-diet, which lasts no more than 25 hours, acts on the extra pounds in the most aggressive way. Thus, monotonous nutrition throughout the day contributes to lose excess weight.

In addition, there is an important feature of the diet which allows losing weight so effectively. It is in a protein-carbohydrate alternation. Nutritionist Anna Johansson says that 50% of successful weight loss happens because of this condition.

Here is a graph of alternation:

Day 1fish – 300 – 500 grams in the final form of cooking of all sorts, including fat fish. You can eat baked, boiled or stewed fish with a little salt, herbs and non-acute spices, and fish broth.

Day 2vegetable – 1 – 1.5 kilograms of any vegetables (even potatoes, but in a reasonable amount), you can boil, stew or bake, but don’t fry.

Day 3chicken – 500g of chicken fillet cooked with a bit of spice, salt and herbs.

Day 4cereal – porridge (200 grams per day in dry form) and also seeds, bran, fiber and grain breads.

Day 5cottage cheese – low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese (500 grams per day), you can also drink some low fat milk.

Day 6fruit – 1 – 1.5 kilograms of fruit in any form – raw, baked or in the form of juice.

It is recommended to drink plenty of pure water or green tea during the diet.

It is not recommended to repeat the diet earlier than after 4-6 months. This diet is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the liver or kidneys, broken metabolism.

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