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Diet “sauerkraut”

sauerkrautThere are plenty of diets based on the use of cabbage. I want to propose a diet with sauerkraut. This is delicious and nutritious product that is perfectly suited for systems of nutrition aimed at reducing weight.

If you use a version of mono-diet, you can get rid of 7-8 kg in just six days. There are less strict diets that will help to remove excess weight of 5-6 kg per week. Cabbage contains 19 kcal per 100 grams. Thus, calorie content of the diet with sauerkraut is rarely above 1200 kcal.

Thus, except cabbage this option of the diet includes the following products:

– lean meat and fish;

– fruits and vegetables;

– dairy products;

– decoctions, teas, fruit drinks;

– cereal porridge;

– mineral water without gas – 1.5-2 liters per day.

On a diet, you have to forget about the fatty, fried, sweet, salted, smoked or flour dishes.

For those who don’t remember the recipe of the sauerkraut, I’d like to propose the following one:

First, you should remove the upper leaves of the cabbage heads. Then, shred the cabbage, we don’t need the cabbage stalks, so we throw them away. Next, you should mix the cabbage with grated carrots. The size of carrots should be about the same as cabbage, but a smaller number of course. I can’t give exact figures on the number of products, as I’m always guided by-sight. And you will also realize how much you need, when you start to cook. So, salt it, mash by hands, put it into a glass jar and compact carefully. Then place gauze on the top and leave under the press. Every two days you should pierce the cabbage with a wooden stick, in order that the conglomerated gas could be released.

Don’t forget to drink water for the withdrawal of fluids from the body. Since it is not a strict diet regime you are advised to do sports or make the minimal exercises. In addition, you need to eat 5 times a day at regular intervals. Good luck!

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