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Diet of the ballet dancer

Diet of ballet dancer

Ballet dancer like no other clearly watches her figure. All dancers have their own methods of slimming or the ways to stay in tone, but there are still basic dietary advices which can coincide.

These tips can serve as basic principles of nutrition and as a way of urgent weight loss or prophylaxis after the abundant holiday table.

So, here are the basic rules:

– your usual serving of food must be divided into two;

– every day you should eat soup without bread, condiments and snacks;

– it is not recommended to combine fish and meat in one meal;

– it is important to choose dairy products with a very low fat content, and even such milk must be diluted with water or ice;

– mayonnaise must be excluded. It is allowed to cook it yourself, but without yolks and salt, you can add 1/3 of nonfat yogurt into the finished sauce;

–  you should forget about salt, try to replace it with soy sauce and use it for seasoning the finished meals;

– drink water at least 30 minutes before meal and not earlier than 1 hour after it;

– it is necessary to drink a 1.5-2  liters of non-carbonated mineral water per day (in summer two liters, in other seasons – one and a half).

It’s not a strict diet, there are no terrible prescriptions, there are no hunger strikes, which are attributed to ballerinas, but these tips will help you to keep yourself in shape.

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