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Diet for the belly

juliasdietWhen we gain excess weight it is immediately noticeable on your favorite narrow skirt or so comfortable jeans. How can we remove these unnecessary centimeters? How can we achieve flat and elastic belly? Here is the variant of diet which will definitely help!

The approximate menu is in the following.

Breakfast: a glass of diet yogurt and one orange

Lunch: 250 g of chicken (without skin) or fish, salad

Dinner: lean meat cooked on grill, 75 g of cooked beans, one orange

For breakfast you can also use one boiled egg and two pieces of crispbread. During the day, you can make a snack with a plate of vegetable soup. You should exclude salt and all the pastries from the menu, such as biscuits and cakes. It is recommended to eat more citrus fruit to burn fat – oranges and lemon juice, as well as apples and pears; but you should eat them separate from each other without mixing. It is also recommended to eat nuts and seeds because they contain useful for the body oil and vegetable protein, but not more than 50 grams per day. You can split the menu for 5-6 times a day, in order to eat all the same but in small portions. And also you should drink more water and less coffee.

Such nutrition will surely help in combination with classical exercises for abdominal muscles or simple squats.

Take care and good luck!

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