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Diet for glowing skin

diet glowing skin
We are what we eat. All processes in our organism are reflected in the appearance, and the first thing that shows our health problems is face. Proper nutrition, a balanced menu, taking into account all the substances necessary for healthy skin, can maintain beauty and health of face throughout life without much effort, as opposed to the cosmetic procedures.

We have already considered the issue of skin diseases and their connection with unhealthy diet. Let’s repeat some general recommendations – how to maintain or get back our healthy-looking complexion.

If we give up carbonated drinks, strong tea, coffee, spices and sweet, we can avoid the appearance of irritation and vascular mesh on the face (especially in summer). Having refused from fatty and fried foods, we will help our skin to become more elastic and attain the tone.

What kind of food is useful for skin? Such products as beets, cod liver, leafy vegetables, namely, those which contain vitamins B, will make our skin more matte and will help to prevent the appearance of small pimples. Furthermore, seafood, beef, poultry, low fat dairy products – containing zinc – are also extremely beneficial for skin health.

Thus, we can say that proteins, saturated fatty acids and antioxidants must be included into our daily ration as foods that help to maintain tissue tone, to protect against dehydration and to accelerate cell regeneration.

To be more specific, I would like to suggest a version of diet for a week, taking into account all the necessary products for skin health:


Breakfast: boiled meat, eggs, bread with whole grains, tea with milk.

Lunch: vegetarian soup, poultry meat with boiled or stewed vegetables, a salad of fresh vegetables seasoned with lemon juice.

Dinner: wild rice, boiled chicken fillet, tomato juice.


Breakfast: tomatoes, bread with whole grains, cottage cheese, orange juice.

Lunch: Chicken bouillon with egg, boiled beef liver with buckwheat, tangerines or oranges.

Dinner: Boiled or baked fish, salad of fresh vegetables, pomegranate juice.


Breakfast: fried or scrambled eggs with tomatoes and greens, an apple, green tea with lemon.

Lunch: vegetarian soup, fish or seafood, rice, tomato juice.

Dinner: boiled meat or ham, cottage cheese, fruit salad.


Breakfast: muesli, cheese, crispbread, coffee with milk or cream.

Lunch: pumpkin cream soup, boiled beef, vegetables, tea “Hibiscus”.

Dinner: fish of low-fat varieties, stewed with vegetables, grapefruit juice.


Breakfast: milk porridge, boiled meat or ham, bread with whole grains, orange juice.

Lunch: vegetable soup with low-fat sour cream, mashed potatoes with cutlets from poultry, tangerines.

Dinner: vegetable ragout, boiled or baked meat, green tea with lemon.


You compose the menu to your taste of the aforementioned products.

General rules:

green tea, non-carbonated mineral water, kefir – without restrictions.

sweets: honey, dried fruit – a limited amount.

alcohol – no more than half a glass of dry wine a day.

black coffee, dark chocolate – acceptable, but rarely.

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