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Diet 4/4

Diet-4-4This diet is also called an actor’s diet, as many actors and dancers use exactly such system of nutrition. This fast diet is a great helper when you need urgently to get rid of some extra kilos. So, you can lose weight for 4 kg in 4 days.

It is recommended to start a diet on Wednesday or Thursday, later you will understand why. It is desirable that the fourth day is coincided with the day off. So, the diet is very simple.

The first day:

You should drink tomato juice and eat boiled rice throughout the day. You are not limited in quantities – you can consume these foods as much as you want. It is important to exclude sugar and salt. Salt retains withdrawal of water from the body.

The second day:

It is a day of dairy products. You need a whole day to drink kefir and eat cottage cheese. As well as on the first day, you can eat without restrictions.  As soon as you feel hungry, you should eat.

The third day:

Start your day with tea without sugar. It is recommended to use green, you can choose additives if you want, for example jasmine. And you should drink it throughout the day.

Of course that’s not all; your menu will include boiled meat. It is better to take white types – chicken, turkey, lean pork.

The fourth day:

It is the last day and is a nice option of fasting days for gourmets. You need to pre-purchase a bottle of dry red wine and sip it throughout the day. Use cheese for appetizers. It is not recommended to eat or drink something besides this, even water.

Therefore, it is desirable to be at home all day, and being quite drunk not to go to work for example. If you are not sure about your health, please consult a doctor. Good luck!

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