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Diet 10×10

The diet is designed for 10 days, and it will help to lose weight up to 10 kg. Meals should be frequent, fractional. It is necessary to eat five times a day – no less. Before each meal you need to drink a glass of water. During 30 minutes after meal – drinking is not allowed. The amount of food is not limited.

It is important not to interrupt the diet, and in this case you will see the result on the third day. In no case you shouldn’t extend the diet and if you broke the regime, you can try again after 2 weeks.

Young woman eating apple and carrying a weight scale over white backgroundExclude the following products for 10 days:

  1. Bread, farinaceous foods, cereals (even rice)
  2. Dairy products
  3. Sugar, in any form
  4. Fruits which contain sugar
  5. Nuts
  6. Carrots, corn, potatoes, beans
  7. Sausage products
  8. Shrimps and squids
  9. Alcohol

Allowed products:

  1. Low-fat types of meat (lean beef, veal, rabbit meat)
  2. Poultry (chicken, turkey, ostrich meat)
  3. Fish (preference for fatty fish)
  4. Eggs (no more than two every two or three days)
  5. All vegetables except those listed above.
  6. Water, coffee, tea

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and consume multivitamins. For frying and salad dressings, use only olive oil. Dinner should be no later than 8 pm.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs from one or two eggs with tomatoes and greens, 45 g of low-fat shredded cheese, a few slices of celery, green tea or coffee without sugar and milk.

Snack: Natural yogurt with berries.

Lunch: Salmon fillet (you can use tuna, mackerel, flounder, halibut), vegetable cream soup (make it from leek, broccoli, tomatoes, herbs).

Snack: 1 glass of kefir, a handful of berries.

Dinner: Pork fillet, steamed cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels) with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, green tea or coffee without sugar and milk.

Snack: 1 glass of low fat milk or kefir.

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