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Diet 10 glasses

10 glasses

It is not a secret that you need to drink plenty of fluids, more specifically, pure water. Though today people often refute this point, they say a person should drink as much as he wants, ie, listen to the body, ostensibly it knows better! Of course this statement also sounds rather persuasively. In any case, if you drink more water, you will eat less food – it is an undeniable fact!

The diet I want to offer you is based exactly on this principle. It’s called “10 glasses” and is a very effective method of weight loss. The essence of the diet is simple and lies in the rule to drink 2 glasses of pure water before each meal, thereby filling the stomach. Thus, saturation occurs faster. You need to drink water 20 minutes before eating. It is also important take into consideration that within two hours before or after meals, as well as during the actual meal, you mustn’t drink water.

How does it work?

Drinking water before meals allows you to create a sense of the partial filling of the stomach, and, as we know, the brain receives a command about the occurrence of saturation at a time when the free volume of the stomach becomes full.

In addition, the liquid helps to improve metabolic processes in the body, so fats that get into the body during the food intake, can’t be deposited, and will be involved in the digestion.

But do not torment yourself – you should drink water only with desire, and if such quantities are unusual for you, you may reduce the volume and increase it gradually.

Of course, not any water is suitable for this purpose. Many drinks are prohibited – soda, sugary drinks, juices and fruit drinks, as they contain excess caloric content which is not necessary for our organism in the dietary nutrition.

Why can’t we drink water two hours after meals? The fact is that the water used after meals will dilute the gastric juices, which are allocated in a strict accordance with the amount of food received by the stomach. After two hours after meals, its basic volume will leave the stomach, so the use of water becomes permissible again.

Recommendations for menu

Breakfast: drink two glasses of pure water without gas, and after 20 minutes eat something light, after that do not drink for two hours.

Lunch: again drink two glasses of water, and during the meal eat a light soup, the main dish must content protein products.

Dinner: drink two glasses of pure water without gas, and during the meal eat anything you want.

Snacks: you can arrange a snack between meals, but only two hours after the main meal. Since the snack contains a small amount of food, you may drink only one glass of water before it.

The diet “10 glasses” implies 2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day, equivalent to 250 ml. In this case, you should have four-time nutrition, so include the second breakfast or any snack into the menu.

What are the advantages of this diet?

You don’t need to limit yourself in food and to exclude your favorite foods from menu.

You don’t need to radically change the way of life and nutrition.

The result of the diet is maintained for a long time.

This weight loss method is available to everyone.

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