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Dates in diets

dates-in-julia-dietsDates have always been considered as nutritional value and benefit for health. Cup of chopped dried dates is half of the daily requirement of the human organism in the cellular tissue. Furthermore, it is 47% of the recommended daily dietary fiber norm. Dietary fiber helps our digestive system to work properly, lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar levels. The high content of vitamin A, C, B, niacin and pantothenic acid make these dried fruits more useful for hair and skin, their use helps to avoid problems with eyesight and prevents liver diseases. Dates are beneficial for the heart and help to get rid of excess fluid from the body due to their content of potassium and magnesium.

Dates are a popular alternative to sweets and candies, and are often used in diets. If your diet excludes all sweet, you can replace it with dates. They contain natural sugars glucose and fructose, so the dates can replace any candy and get rid of the temptation to eat the cake. It is recommended to eat 10-15 dates daily, separately from the other foods, in order to cleanse your body in a short time, to lose excess weight, gain strength and enhance mental activity.

Dates are rather high in calories, 140 to 270 calories, depending on the variety. Calorie content of the sundried or dried dates is about 340 kilocalories. It is not recommended to use both carbohydrate and acidic foods (citrus fruits with dates). But nutritionists all over the world successfully use dates in the drafting of the dietary menu. The fact is that the dates are able to satisfy hunger quickly, and their sugary taste doesn’t allow to eat too much dried fruit. Natural sugars of dates are quickly absorbed by the body and their sweetness doesn’t have time to turn into fat. Dates can be used for weight loss if you control your overall food intake and take into account the proportion of calories, which enters the body.

There is a fairly rigid diet, where dates are the main ingredient of ration. The duration of this diet shouldn’t exceed 10 days, during this time you can lose weight by 6-8 kg. The first four days you should only eat dates, drink water and unsweetened green tea. On the fifth day, the diet can include green apples and oranges. Due to high content of glucose date diet will save you from headaches, dizziness, which may accompany the starvation diets.

Such a limitation of nutrients is not always suitable for our health. For those who can’t there such a strict diet, you can make 1-2 fasting days with dates once a week. This would be useful both for the health and for the figure.

There are not a lot of contraindications to the use of dates, but they are not recommended for those patients with diabetes and digestive disorders.

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