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Dash diet

dietaThis diet was developed by American nutritionists. It will help you to lose weight, but above all, it will be very useful in the case of hypertension. It is rich in products containing potassium, calcium, protein, and moreover vegetable fibers – all these substances lower blood pressure. Thus, it can be attributed to the healing diets.

This system of nutrition includes the following products:

Fruit and vegetable juices. It is recommended to choose products of green color and consume several times a day, but the serving should not exceed 1 cup.

Fruit – the same principle, consume 4-5 servings per day – 1 piece of fruit, half a cup of juice or a quarter cup of dried fruit for one serving.

Whole grains – consume in the amount of slice of bread, 7-8 servings a day.

Protein – fish, meat, eggs and poultry. It is recommended to consume these products every day up to 200 grams.

Legumes and nuts – 4 servings a week.

Dairy products (including skimmed milk) – two servings per day.

Fats (vegetable oil, margarine) – 1 teaspoon per day.

This diet allows the consumption of alcohol (a couple of glasses of cognac or a glass of wine).

Also, do not forget about the liquid, but not more than 2 liters per day.

Thus, the caloric intake will amount 1800-2000 kcal.


The main purpose of the diet is not to lose weight, but to normalize blood pressure. However, the reviews say about the gradual weight loss of about 4 kg per week. According to the ration diet doesn’t include prohibited products and consequently you can stick to it for a long time.

The approximate menu

Breakfast: a glass of apple juice, 150 ml of milk, bread with cottage cheese and flakes from whole grain.

Lunch: sandwich with chicken breast, tomato and lettuce.

Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce and basil, low-fat hard cheese and vegetable salad.

For snacks, choose your favorite fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

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