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Cucumber diet

Cucumber isolated over white background

Cucumber diets are very popular because of their effectiveness. In addition, this vegetable is essential for health. The healing properties of cucumber were found in ancient times by the Egyptians and Indians.

Cucumbers are composed of water for 95%. This is special water, which helps to remove poisons and toxins accumulated in the organism. With regular use of fresh cucumbers or juice from them, you can achieve the splitting of stones in the gallbladder and biliary ducts. Cucumber is also very useful in tuberculosis. Thanks to the easily digestible iodine, the consumption of cucumbers is very useful in diseases of the thyroid gland and for the prevention of these diseases. Soft cellular tissue of these green vegetables has a beneficial effect on digestion, improves intestinal motility.

Besides, cucumbers have low caloric value – 15 kcal per 100 grams, thus one kilogram of cucumbers contains only 150 calories. Cucumbers contain a special substance called tartronic acid. It has an important property to prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, so it is recommended to eat cucumbers at adiposity. It is perfect for fasting days, all kinds of diets and weight loss programs.

The easiest option to lose excess weight using this vegetable is to eat one fresh cucumber before each meal without salt, and after 6 pm you should eat only cucumbers.

For the next option you will need to cook a special salad. For this purpose, cut fresh cucumbers, add greens and season with low-fat sour cream or kefir. This simple salad is low-calorie, but nutritious. So, you should eat this salad 3-5 times a day. 3 times a day in addition to the salad you can eat the dried slice of rye or cereal bread.

Here is another example of cucumber diet. Ration of the diet for a day:

1.5 – 2 kg of fresh cucumbers

2 boiled eggs

Divide this amount of cucumbers into five parts, and accordingly, eat them 5 times a day. 2 times a day it is needed to add an egg to the vegetables.

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