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Cucumber diet (7 days)

cucumber saladContinuing the theme of cucumbers, I want to offer another version. This cucumber diet is designed for 7 days and it helps to lose weight for 4-5 kg. It is harmless to the body and very effective. It is also convenient because it doesn’t force our body to starve. However, it is recommended to take extra vitamins.

Thus, the basic principles of this cucumber diet are as follows:

In the morning you should drink a glass of water. Breakfast should be about half an hour after that. Here must be a strict caloric content, in this case, breakfast should amount 200 kcal.

It is recommended to use the following products for breakfast: eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, butter, fish, any lean meat, porridge, bread.

Prohibited products include: sausage, pickles, all kinds of cakes and pastries.

If you don’t like a hearty breakfast, you can consume these 200 calories for lunch. In that case the use of cucumber salad will be displaced for another time.

The rest of the day, you should eat a salad from cucumbers. For this purpose, take 1 kg of cucumbers, divide into 3 servings, and eat approximately between 12-14, 16-17 and 19-20 hours. Each time, add a slice of rye bread.

To prepare the salad, take 1 kg of cucumbers, coarsely chop them and season with 30 grams of light mayonnaise or low-fat sour cream, or up to 10 grams of vegetable oil. It is allowed to add quite a bit of salt into salad, as well as, if desired, you can add pepper, season with lemon juice and add herbs to taste: parsley, dill, basil, cilantro.

It is low-calorie salad and very satisfying, due to a combination of cucumbers with fat-containing products. You can drink coffee or tea during the day as you usually drink. You can also add a little honey or sugar substitute.

Before going to sleep, eat fruits. You may choose 2 oranges, pear, banana, big apple. Caloric content is also taken into account, it must amount 100 kcal.

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