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Cleansing with kefir  

Cleansing with kefir

  1. Kefir cocktail for burning fat

 To prepare this cocktail for burning fat based on kefir, you need to take one full glass of fresh kefir and mix thoroughly to a homogeneous state with half a teaspoon of ginger shredded in shallow grated. It is desirable to use a low fat percentage product. Then mix the resulting mass with a full teaspoon of cinnamon powder and red hot pepper on the tip of the knife. Drink the cocktail slowly. Traditional medicine recommends using this drink two-three times a day for two weeks, after that you need to take a break for five to seven days and then repeat the course again.

  1. Kefir drink for weight loss

 The following recipe for a slimming cocktail based on kefir is mainly used as a ten-day diet. So, take a glass of yesterday’s kefir, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of chopped greens. To make this drink you can use any fresh greens, but the main thing – one half should be parsley. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients until a smooth state, and then drink it in small sips. For better assimilation of the remedy, it is recommended to chew it slightly.

  1. Kefir fat-burning drink

To prepare the next fat-burning drink, mix a glass of kefir with three tablespoons of green apple crushed into a puree. You should drink a full glass of this drink three times a day.

  1. One-day diet with kefir

 This one-day diet helps to lose weight by two to four kilograms per month. Of course, it works under the condition of regular adherence, and no more than once a week.


Breakfast: one full glass of fresh kefir (with a low percentage of fat) and two rusks of black bread with cottage cheese and chopped parsley.

The second breakfast: one glass of kefir and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 100 grams of any fresh fruit (it is not advisable to choose bananas).

Lunch: one full cup of warm vegetable broth (without the use of potatoes) or 200 grams of salad, made from chopped greens and any fresh vegetables, and one glass of kefir.

Afternoon snack: 100 grams of apples (any of green varieties), grated on a medium grater and 200 grams of fresh kefir.

Dinner: one glass of kefir with cinnamon (no more than one teaspoon) and 150 grams of non-fat crumbly cottage cheese, mixed with a teaspoon of liquid honey or 3-5 tablespoons of chopped greens.

Before going to bed: eat a small slice of fresh lemon, then wait 5-10 minutes and drink one more glass of kefir in small sips.

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