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Cleansing diet of Nicole Kidman

Nicole KidmanLook at this incredible actress, and you will realize that she can’t give bad advice. Her diet is not difficult, but not everyone will withstand it. Nicole sticks to such a regime several times a year.

So this is a three-day starvation, which clears the body of toxins. During this time you can drink only: herbal infusions, water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices – in unlimited amounts, but on average up to 2 – 2.5 liters. Choosing herbs for brewing tea give preference to those, which have a soothing effect, so it will be easier to endure starvation. In addition to cleansing, you will feel the loss of 2-3 kg of excess weight.

It is important to remember that you should not overdo it – not to prolong this cleansing unloading more than 3 days! A person should live a full life and not to suffer from weakness. Three days – would be enough for the body to cleanse and rejuvenate. But it is also important to understand that if in the rest of the time you arrange a permanent holiday of overeating, the efforts are in vain.

Nicole Kidman eats only healthy natural food. Be prepared to eliminate refined processed foods, sugar, alcohol, sodas, coffee and black tea. The actress also does not eat frozen products. Such a rule is difficult for many people, because in the winter months, not everyone can afford fresh berries and fruits – a source of vitamins. But nevertheless try to limit these foods.

If the actress needs to get rid of more kilograms, she uses a special diet, which is 14 days helps to lose 7-8 kg. The main weight loss occurs during the first week, second week – for the fixing effect. Thus, the lost weight will not return back. During this time, you need to completely eliminate from the ration: sugar, salt and alcohol, and to drink not less than 1.5 liters of fluid (non-carbonated mineral water).

Approximate menu:


Breakfast – a cup of coffee.

Lunch – spinach, tomatoes and 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Dinner – boiled lean meat and green salad.


Breakfast – a cup of coffee with crackers.

Lunch – a portion of boiled meat.

Dinner – a bit of ham, kefir.


Breakfast – a cup of coffee with crackers.

Lunch – lightly fried celery and fresh tomato. Dessert – any fruit.

Dinner – grated carrots, cheese, 2 hard-boiled eggs.


Breakfast – a cup of coffee.

Lunch – grated carrots, cheese, 1 hard-boiled egg.

Dinner – fruit salad.


Breakfast – a cup of coffee.

Lunch – dietary fish of low-fat varieties.

Dinner – grated carrots.


Breakfast – a cup of coffee with crackers.

Lunch – boiled chicken breast and green salad.

Dinner – 2 hard-boiled eggs.


Breakfast – a cup of black tea.

Lunch – boiled lean meat. Dessert – any fruit.

Dinner – boiled vegetables and any lean fish.

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