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Cleansing diet for 7 days

Cleansing diet for 7 days

Day 1: Starvation. All day you don’t eat, and quench the thirst with water or tea.

Day 2: For breakfast, eat two apples or low-fat yogurt. For lunch – boiled chicken and a salad. For its preparation you need tangerine, avocado, banana, apple, celery and olive oil. Herbal tea. Snack – half a grapefruit and a handful of sunflower seeds. No dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast – low-fat yogurt and a bunch of grapes. Lunch – casserole of fresh vegetables, can take zucchini, and herbal tea. Snack – chopped cucumber, olive oil and coriander, and herbal tea.

Day 4: Breakfast – the same as in the third day. Lunch – salad with nuts, radish, rice porridge and tomato juice. Snack – walnuts, half a grapefruit and herbal tea.

Day 5: Breakfast – two oranges, two toasts with low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. For lunch, you can take boiled potatoes, a salad of tangerines, oranges and pine nuts, dressed with olive oil. Herbal tea. Snack – cottage cheese, apple and strawberry juice.

Day 6: Breakfast – nonfat yogurt and a half of pineapple. For lunch, eat muesli dressed with lemon juice and honey, and melon. For a snack, make a sherbet of dried apricots and walnuts. Don’t forget to brew a delicious herbal tea.

Day 7: Breakfast – oatmeal with banana and herbal tea. Lunch – chicken stewed with prunes, fresh vegetables and a glass of curdled milk. Snack – mango, half a grapefruit and honey.

Such diets have their own side effects. This can take the form of headaches, dizziness, weakness, diarrhea, frequent urination. Don’t worry if anything from this list will overtake you. This would indicate that the body effectively gets rid of toxins and slags. We recommend using such a diet during the holidays or weekends.

Lose weight properly and stay healthy!

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