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Cinnamon in diets

honey-and-cinnamon-julia-dietsContinuing the theme of cinnamon, let’s consider the following recommendations and methods of using this fragrant spice in order to reduce excess weight or to keep yourselves in good shape easier.

The first thing you need to pay attention, it is how this spice fresh and qualitative. For weight loss, you can use not only the powder of cinnamon, but also the sticks. Expiration date of powder is no more than six months, sticks – less than a year.

An excellent way to lose weight is cinnamon with honey. This method doesn’t require any terrible diets or exercise. Success is achieved thanks to the honey, which even itself contains many useful substances. In spite of the sweetness of honey, it is permitted to use even in diabetes. And cinnamon is not only a great addition, but also helps to lose 5 to 7 extra kilos. The beverage prepared from these products improves the operation of the stomach. The recipe is simple enough. You need to purchase non-pasteurized honey, which preserved all of its beneficial enzymes and fresh cinnamon in powder form. The ratio of these ingredients must be 1:2: a spoonful of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. The dose may be increased to a maximum of two times. The prepared mixture should be dissolved in a glass of boiled water. You need to prepare the beverage on a daily basis, which means to use it always in a fresh form.

In the evening you need to pour the powder with boiling water, cover with anything, and let it brew. When the water is cooled, strain the beverage and add the specified amount of honey. It is recommended to drink half a cup in the evening, and the other half – in the morning on an empty stomach. A more frequent consumption of the beverage is not recommended.


Kefir and cinnamon for weight loss blunt the sense of hunger and are well suitable for fasting days. For this purpose, it is necessary to add a small spoon of cinnamon in half a liter of nonfat kefir. It is recommended to drink the cooled beverage throughout the fasting day.

Cinnamon and ginger for weight loss are able to influence extra kilos effectively. Such a mixture can be added into kefir and used in preparation of different dishes. If ginger is suitable for a dish, you can safely add cinnamon too.

The combination of honey, cinnamon and ginger also helps to lose weight easily and effectively remove the excess kilograms.

Pepper and cinnamon for weight loss is a searing combination of spices that can be added into kefir. Kefir is not harmful to the stomach, and natural fat burners help to achieve good results in losing weight, especially if you drink this mixture in place of one of the meals.

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