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Cinnamon for weight loss

cinnamonCinnamon is widely used in nutrition and medicine. The use of cinnamon to the body is obvious, because it is composed of potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients.

If you add a teaspoon of this spice in the hot milk, it will help you to cure colds quickly. In addition, cinnamon is an excellent tool for the rejuvenation – it is scientifically proven that it prevents premature aging of the organism.

It has a positive impact on the whole organism, improves mood and adds energy. It helps to rid the body of harmful substances, cleanses the intestines. It is an ideal product for the prevention of venous insufficiency, because it normalizes blood circulation, and heart attack, because it improves functioning of the heart. It helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, slows the release of insulin, and promotes weight loss. Cinnamon for weight loss has a very important advantage. You do not need to adhere to strict diets and starve yourself.

There are many recipes for losing weight using cinnamon. Now I would like to share drinking options. Nutritionists say that even the water with cinnamon is extremely effective for weight loss.

For this purpose, you need to fill the leaves of green tea and a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon with a liter of boiling water. As a result, you get a very unusual tea, which gives vitality and strength. You can drink this beverage without restrictions during the day, but you should remember that it is important to consume such drinks in fresh form.

Feel free to add cinnamon in a variety of dishes. It blends perfectly with ginger, kefir and other dairy products, pastries, tea and coffee, fish and meat dishes, cereals and others. It will be particularly useful to take cinnamon for weight loss before bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach.

Cocktails with cinnamon for slimming can easily become a variant of a snack. For example, instead of the usual bread or sandwiches you can prepare such healthy cocktail: mix the pulp of pear (or any other fruit), spoon of condensed milk, 100 grams of milk, a couple of spoons of lemon juice and ground cinnamon.

This spice helps to lose up to 7 kg per month, not to mention the fact that it perfectly improves overall health. You will notice positive results in a week of its systematic application.

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